I was browsing roughly through a gun and gear Facebook page when I stumbled across the Knyphe. The Knyphe is a great name for a really sweet idea. It’s simple, you already have a phone, and it’s likely in a case. So why not carry a fixed blade in the case? The Knyphe is a black phone case that carries a nice sized fixed blade knife. The phone case acts as a sheath.

The Knyphe: Phone Case + EDC Knife

Not only does it have that cool spy vibe, but the idea cuts down EDC bulk. Carrying a fixed blade, or even a pocket knife, takes up space. The Knyphe simplifies your life by attaching two common items together and this cuts down on the junk you already pocketing.

The Knyphe: Phone Case + EDC Knife

The bad news is the Knyphe isn’t on the market just yet. The fine fellas behind the Knyphe are looking to launch a Kickstarter very soon and you can sign up for their mailing list on their website here for an alert.

The good news is they were kind enough to provide specs and a few photos to tease and taunt us.

The Actual Knyphe

The knife itself is made from 440C Stainless steel and the guys at Knyphe said they are open to trying other steels in the future. The 440C is a pretty strong steel already and it will resist rust very well. Which is great for me because I tend to sweat all over my phone. I run with it a lot and it is always gripped in my hands. Another advantage of this device is being armed while exercising without being obvious or burdened.

The Knyphe: Phone Case + EDC Knife

The blade length is 2.13 inches and the overall length is 5.46 inches. The blade weighs only .78 ounces. This is a light and short little blade, but not one you’d want to end up on the wrong end of. Additionally, the blade is only .08 inches thick. The end of the handle is also adorned with a small ring for drawing the hidden blade.

The Case

The Case of the phone is black and the first models will be made for the current crop of iPhones. Hopefully, we’ll see most popular phones get their own Knyphe. The design of the case offers the same protection most cases will. It’s not an Otterbox, but it does add a layer of security to your phone. A big concern would be over the case thickness. The case will be .54 inches. I just measured my cased LG 40 and it’s .49 inches wide. It appears to be a very slight increase in thickness, but hardly an issue. The case will weigh 1.8 ounces.

The Knyphe: Phone Case + EDC Knife

The Other Details

The Knyphe will retail for 85 dollars and they are hoping to launch in the next month or so. For updates, the mailing list is the best way to go. I’m excited for the Knyphe and hope it’s successful enough to expand beyond the iPhone and to my favorite LG phones. Let us know what you think below.