I’m excited to introduce Destinee to Team SOFREP and The LoadOut Room.

As a former Navy SEAL Sniper instructor I’m pretty good at picking out talent.  When I first spotted Destinee at this years SHOT Show, I saw right away that she was passionate about guns, gear and kicking ass. A true power female.  We like that around here if you haven’t noticed.

If I were recruiting for an all female Special Ops team Destinee would be a top draft pick.  She’s steady on the trigger and I’m hoping to get her out west so I can run her through some precision rifle lessons and get her out past 1000 yards drilling steel.   I also plan to throw in some classroom evolutions with mental management applied to shooting and ballistics. We’ll record everything of course, and have it up for the LoadOut Room Exclusively.

So let’s keep the creep factor to a minimum gents (or I’ll head shot your IP address) and show a big welcome for Destinee.  Bill, Jack and myself are excited to have her join the team.

“Lock and Load Destinee you’re cleared hot in the LoadOut Room.” -Brandon

Introducing Fate of Destinee