The future is now, or at least that’s the goal with Meprolight’s new optic the Foresight. The Foresight is unique in several different ways, and most of them come from the fact that it connects into your smartphone. It connects via a proprietary app and Bluetooth technology to your Android or iOS device. The purpose of this connection is four-fold. It allows: 

  • to zero your optic through the app
  • to update the optic’s software
  • to change out your reticle set 
  • to create and manage up to ten different profiles. 

The Future is Now

The first three are quite self-explanatory. You can swap reticles, zero, and update the optic. The fourth is the coolest feature as far as I’m concerned. The ability to create separate profiles, each with their own zero and reticle settings, makes this an incredibly versatile optic. 

You can set ten zeroes for ten different weapons, and that’s handy if you like to swap optics around. That’s only one benefit. Let’s say you are running a 300 Blackout rifle. Your zero will vary between subsonic and supersonic loads. This optic can have a set zero for both, and switching zeroes is as easy as tapping a tile on the application. 

Simple and tactile controls

Another benefit of the system is that you can save two zeroes for the same gun for two or ten different shooters. The limits are only set by your imagination. The versatility is unbeatable by current standards. 

The reticles vary greatly and allow you to swap between simple and complicated designs. Some are better for AR-like rifles, others for sub-gun style PCCs, and then some others for shotguns. There are 20 reticles to choose from, and each profile can store five of them. 

A Heads-Up Display

This is more than an optic: it’s a total and complete heads up display. The optic provides a sight leveler and a compass. The next software update plans to add a shot counter to the optic to allow real-time monitoring of the ammunition in your magazine. The compass is in degrees, and the sight leveler is incredibly responsive. 

A complete heads-up display

There is also a battery meter and a number designating what brightness level you are at. These only stay on the screen for a short period of time and are brought back as soon as you hit any of the buttons. If you want just the reticle, hit the center button. This will preserve the battery and give an uncluttered view. 

How It Performs 

The Foresight is also an extremely capable and high-end reflex optic. The square-shaped design is my preferred reflex optic: it delivers a wider field of view and doesn’t limit my peripheral vision as much as a round type reflex sight. 

The controls placed in front of the optic are a little less intuitive than Eotech style rear and side controls, but they are more diverse and offer more options. There is a built-in accessible menu to calibrate the compass, factory reset the optic, and zero the optic to the weapon. Using a smart device to zero, the optic is a much better option and a much quicker one at that. 

Zeroing the optic is very easy to do with the smart device. You got an Axis to move up and down and left and right. It’s simple, and it works very well. There are no turrets to rotate and move, and no tools needed. 

The reticle is extremely crisp and clear. Each and every reticle is easy to use, and the only complaint I have with the reticle that is only a single dot. It’s too small and too hard to see. Other than that, the diverse set of reticles offers something for everyone and every gun. 

Get Shooting

It’s remarkably easy to use and extremely precise. Every platform I set the optic on was zeroed quickly, and when switching weapons, I made sure to mark on the scope rail exactly where the optic was to maintain the zero. I swapped between several different weapons and zeroed each and every one of them. 

Perfect for rifles, PCCs, and Shotguns

I simply swapped profiles as I swapped the optic from gun to gun. The Foresight never failed to successfully swap profiles and to give me the correct zero for each gun. It was highly amusing to run the optic on three very different weapons and never lose the optic’s zero. 

Different guns, different missions, same optic.

Like any quality reflex sight, you’ll have no problems hitting targets at both close and moderate ranges with the Foresight. The crispness of the reticle ensures that you’ll see the target and get a dot on it. From rapid target transitions to 100-yard shots, the Meprolight Foresight is a get-it-done optic. It doesn’t slow down, and all its fancy tech is nice, but at the end of the day, this is still a reliable, precise, and easy to use optic.