There are lots of individual factors that lead a squad to victory in a gunfight. On a personal level, there are two critical keys to success: accuracy and speed. Accuracy is easy to measure. Shoot a target and see where you hit it. Speed is a little trickier. That is where the Pocket Pro 2 comes into play. The Pocket Pro 2 is a shot timer made by Competition Electronics. A shot timer is a device that does exactly what it sounds like. It measures how fast you shoot.

Shot timers like the Pocket Pro 2 emit a loud beep that tells you to start shooting. Once the beep goes off, the timer picks up gunshots and assign them a time based on how long it takes you to shoot after the go signal. This device measures strings of fire. The go signal is an extremely loud beep that transmits easily through hearing protection. It can be set to a random or specific time after the go button is hit. It can even be set to sound instantaneously.

The Pocket Pro 2 can also set a par time. Most drills have some form of time restriction. You can manually set your par time to fit these restrictions and when the timer reaches the par time a loud beep will emit telling you the time is up.

Pocket Pro 2 – Push Training Further

The Pocket Pro 2 allows you to push your training beyond average. In fact, once you start with a shot timer, you’ll never go back to training without one. A shot timer measures your speed and helps you improve on it. Without a shot timer, the only metric you have is accuracy. Being accurate and fast is the key to success, and how will you know if you’re fast if you aren’t timing your shots?

A shot timer also adds a level of stress that will push you to perform. That extra pressure will allow you to function under pressure when the time comes. Every little bit of stress inoculation you can endure will make you a better gunfighter.

The Pocket Pro 2 is superbly accurate in its time measurements and never fails to pick up a gunshot. Its adjustable sensitivity even allows you to work in air guns, airsoft guns, and ammunition pistols in your training. The par time setting allows for measurable performance for dry fire training and the consistently loud beep will inspire you to constantly get better.

The easy to read screen makes it a breeze to scroll through your various par times and menus to program the device. Programming is easy to do, and you can set up your various drills and programs on the fly and at the range.

This shot timer has massive buttons that are easy to use when wearing gloves; the go button is placed for easy access and quick deployment. The pocket clip is also massive and makes it easy to hang on various pieces of gear or just off your pocket.

Train Often – Train Hard

The Pocket Pro 2 is one of the best shot timers on the market. Rarely can you spend money on gear and have it increase your ability to shoot. The Pocket Pro 2 does just that. If you aren’t using a timer for your training, you are just wasting ammo. Get a timer, get training, and sharpen those skills.

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