Reliable red dots are rarely cheap red dots, but there has been a shift in the market recently. Instead of choosing between a massive piece of crap optic and an 800 dollar Aimpoint, a middle ground has come to exist. In this middle ground Red dots like the SPOT scope CPR exist. This is a Korean made red dot optic that is built to be an affordable and reliable scope for those of us more likely to shoot at the range than take Fallujah.

This Compact Red Dot sight is a 30mm tube that is only 3.74 inches long. It comes with a mount that allows for an absolute co-witness with AR height sights. The scope has 11 brightness settings, and a 2 MOA Red dot reticle. The optic weighs 5.11 ounces with mount and is waterproof and fog-resistant. It can be submerged up to three feet in the water and still run. It’s a surprisingly affordable, and well-made optic that just so happens to work quite well.

Behind the SPOT

The best thing about red dot sights is the fact they can be used on a wide variety of weapons. While this optic worked wonders on my 80 percent lower AR pistol, it works equally well on my Micro Roni with Glock 17. It took very little time to swap the zero between weapons and get to running them. The mount is low enough to easily swap between a multitude of weapons including AKs, ARs, PCCs of all types, and even shotguns.

Getting behind the optic is a pleasant experience. The glass is crazy clear and has a slightly bluish tint. It gives a sharp HD image and a nice and sharp 2 MOA red dot. A lot of optics at this price point has some washout of the dot, however even when cranked to 11 the SPOT scope’s dot is still very sharp. Impressively so.

It made engaging at different distances much easier with the Micro Roni. The main advantage to the Roni is the ability to add a red dot and this is an awesome dot for this kit. Getting on target and transitioning between targets is much quicker than with irons or even smaller red dots.  It’s very easy to find the dot due to the height of the optic and how naturally your eye drifts to it.

How it Handles

The ring that alternates between the different brightness settings is somewhat stiff, which is good because it will never accidentally rotate, but it makes getting the right setting a little tough especially if you prefer a 5 or 6 setting.

Zeroing is very easy and you’ll need a flat head tool to get things going. The 1/4 MOA clicks were just right to quickly move the dot and get your zero on. It took two series of adjustments to change the zero from my AR to my RONI kit.

One of the best reasons to invest in this red dot scope is to teach new shooters. Everyone harps on irons, but red dots are much easier to introduce a new shooter to. The SPOT Scope is perfect because it’s not only affordable but easy to use. Let’s not forget it’s also reliable, and holds zero, unlike cheaper optics.

It’s an all-around rock-solid red dot optic. It’s perfect for hobbyist guns, and even home defense. You can check them here. Spot Scopes are made by Mounting Solutions Plus so give them a look.

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