A package arrived yesterday, inside was a black plastic tube. Could it be a fine Cuban cigar?? No, it was a Tuff Writer Mfg. LLC Mini Click blasted finish Titanium pen. The pen is a crafted work of art and Made in the USA. The pens body and clip are manufactured in Titanium with a blasted grey finish. Fit and finish on the pen is immaculate. It has a great feel and I like the weight, yes it has some weight to it but that is to be expected in a Tactical pen but it is not heavy enough to be cumbersome. The length of the pen is 5.13 inches and the weight is right at 1.05 ounces. The pens cartridge is smooth opening and closing and the normal “click” to use the pen is non-existent due to a machined cam advancing mechanism with a ball bearing cam design for a very smooth operation hence the no click sound. The pen is beautifully balanced and makes writing very pleasant. In this day and age when most everyone uses a keypad for correspondence, it is nice to know that there is a company still committed to manufacturing precision writing instruments.

In writing a few paragraphs the pen performed as it should, no ink skipping meaning all of the letters and words were perfect. At the start of writing, there was also no lack of ink on the first stroke. There are seven different versions available, Precision Press, Mini Click, Operator, Titanium, Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel with different variations and colors available and also custom engraving. Each pen carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. This should be the last pen that you will ever need to purchase and if you are in the market for a pencil of the same quality as the pen then they have that covered also. There are also seven versions available with custom engraving also available as an option. One word of advice, do not let this pen out of your sight as friends and acquaintances will want to make it their own!!