.308 WIN is the classic mid-range thumper cousin of the round used in service rifles around the world and well respected for the energy it can deliver.  Ultradyne, an American designer and manufacturer of advanced shooting accessories, has officially released its Apollo Max muzzle brake specifically tuned for .308 WIN and compatible with related 30 Caliber projectiles.  Utilizing advanced imaging and precision instrumentation, Ultradyne’s team has engineered a device to serve as the ultimate in recoil reduction.
Newton’s Third Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and fans of .308 WIN know that means energy coming back to the shooter.  This recoil may be bearable, but it often moves the rifle off of the target, making follow-up shots slower and tracking hits more difficult. The Apollo Max is the solution by putting the cartridges’ own power to use in recoil mitigation.
Apollo Max’s unique design includes angled muzzle-rise compensation ports at the end of the device that direct gasses away from the shooter’s line of sight to avoid the vision-dazzling effects inherent in other designs.  100% CNC machined in the USA, each port was located, sized, and shaped for maximum flow utilizing a combination of modeling and relentless testing.  Until now such a high level of recoil reduction was not possible from a device of practical size, but Ultradyne’s science- and engineering-oriented approach brings this game-changing technology to the shooting public.
Apollo Max stands as a no-compromise, recoil-reducing phenom that enables nearly instantaneous follow-up shots and is an excellent option for competition shooters who want the last word in recoil performance.
For a better understanding of the Apollo Max class of brake see the video below demonstrating the 5.56mm model:

Apollo Max .308 | 7.62 Technical Specifications
  • CALIBER .308 | 7.62 or smaller
    • 416 Stainless Steel
    • Salt Bath Nitride Finish
  • MOUNTING Shrouded Timing Nut
  • MASS
    • Brake Only 117 grams | 4.1 ounces
    • Total 145 grams | 5.1 ounces
    • Length 75mm | 2.94 inches
    • OD 24.8 mm | 0.975 inches
  • WRENCH FLATS 13/16 inch

Apollo Max is part of Ultradyne’s family of performance muzzle devices, each representing a different combination of recoil reduction and sonic characteristics.
The Apollo Max brake is available directly from Ultradyne
About Ultradyne:
Ultradyne provides American ingenuity designed and manufactured in the USA.