Being the most respected and valued rifles by almost everyone in the hunting and shooting field, the 308 gun is making rounds all over the world especially to all shooting and hunting enthusiasts all over the world. 308 rifles are capable of providing accurate, and a lot improved shooting involvement to its users which makes it the most revered rifle in the market. Read the following guide for your 308 rifle shooting tips which guarantees full improvement and understanding of the highlighted gun.

Setting the Boundaries

308 guns are one of the best and most coveted weapons if we talk about a hundred until 300-yard boundaries. However, beyond the 300-yard limit, this gun are expected to drop low on adeptness and accuracy. It is very vital to set these limitations straight to spare you time and effort choosing this kind of rifle and regret in the end.

Again, 308 guns are best to be used in a minimum distance. However, amidst this limitation, 308 guns has maintained to be the closest gun in every hunter’s heart and is considered to be the hunter’s best confidante and companion since it can still provide outstanding service in various circumstances.

This is in fact, the primary truth why I always remind the hunters and the shooters to determine first their purpose in purchasing such rifle to prevent wasting money and being frustrated after purchase.

Read the following guide to advance your 308 shooting and for you to gain better shooting experience.

On-Point Position and Breathing

This is already a fact; correct positioning of the body and apposite breathing are keys to a successful hunting experience. This is one of the basic things that one needs to remember and yet often neglected.

A lot of people focus on the technicalities such as the brand and the quality of the equipment that will be used and the proper ways and the frequency of cleaning a gun among other things. These things, however, are deemed useless and secondary if the shooter has not established discipline in positioning and breathing the proper way.

Check the following steps for you to gain proper positioning and breathing ways to maximize your rifle’s potentials.

  1. Your body parts including the arms, the shoulders and even the mind should be relaxed.
  2. On the side of your main hand, the leg should be located toward the tail part of the shooter and make sure that there is still a decent gap between the feet.
  3. The upper body part should be supported forward for more balance.

Scopes Should be paralleled and Well-Adjusted

We all want to take advantage of the best scopes available for grabs, but one thing that we need to remember is that it will still be deemed useless and invaluable if you do not have the knowledge and training to properly adjust and use them for proper coordination and positioning of the target and the gun. Check the following steps to adjust the scope properly.

  1. The front and the back scopes should be paralleled and leveled to each other while holding the rifle at the length of the arm.

Aim them at the target where you prefer the bullet’s impact to hit.

Uncovering the Best 308 Shooting Tips of Today

Befriend your Rifle

Savage MSR-10 .308  |  First rounds downrange

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The rifle is the very weapon that will serve and accompany you through your entire hunting adventure. It is very vital that you keep a lasting bond and an in-depth relationship with your gun since this will allow you to be familiar with its potential and confines. Knowing its different parts and the specific uses of each part will enable you to survey the whole weapon and determine if such parts need fixing or readjustment before using it in the field. This will allow you to avoid accidents and any other unwanted events while using your rifle.

This habit provides safety to the user and the people surrounding him and will ensure proper and safe gun handling. This is best illustrated by personally cleaning a gun while familiarizing its parts. You also have an option to dismantle and bringing it back together to be more acquainted with it.

Uncovering the Best 308 Shooting Tips of Today

Practice the Smart Way

Practicing continuously and regularly in different environments will allow you to be well-adjusted in the different possibilities that will happen in the shooting field. As you advance your expertise in various scenarios and circumstances, you should also take note of your high points and areas of improvements as this will give you an idea on which habit to ditch and which one to keep.

Practicing the smart way will not only save you time and energy but will also guarantee to hone of your full potential. The most important thing which you need to keep in mind is that no matter how regular you practice if you are still using bad habits, you will still most likely have bad shooting skills. So, practice the smart way and determine which pattern still need to be improved.


We have laid out all the helpful tips that could improve your shooting knowledge and skills. All you have to do now and consider is to act on such knowledge and start applying them to your practice sessions. Keep in mind that we have intended to focus on the most important things as most of the shooting enthusiasts nowadays rely so much on the technical side of this venture that they often disregard the factors that significantly affects their efficiency and accuracy which is most often than not, within their control.

So, list down these tips and start all over again to ditch the old habits and beliefs. Apply these tips and embrace the new knowledge for you to have a more productive and satisfying shooting experience. We only wish that you gain a new understanding and perception in this field. Go out now and try these 308 shooting tips and we are optimistic that you will see a different shooter within you who is equipped with the proper knowledge and training.

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