Previously I wrote an article about the Ruger Precision Rifle.  In this video, I will show you a few minor upgrades that I’ve elected to do to suit my personal taste. The nice thing about this modular weapon system is that it’s loosely based on an AR-15 allowing you to use items that would normally fit said platform. If you own some basic tools that all men should have on hand and an AR-15 armorers tool, you’re good to go, no gunsmith necessary.

I begin by addressing the butt stock of this rifle. I played with the adjustments on the Ruger Precision Rifle and never warmed up to the locking mechanism. It just wasn’t a smooth system. Oddly, you had to loosen both comb height and length of pull levers to adjust the LOP. By doing that, the cheekpiece inevitably slides down forcing you to readjust the comb height as well.  I elected to install the proven and simple Magpul PRS (Precision Rifle Stock). You will need to replace the carbine length buffer tube on the Ruger with an A2 rifle length buffer tube in order to install the Magpul PRS.  Once installed, the Ruger Precision Rifle starts to take on a cleaner more purposeful look.

Continuing with the Magpul theme, I address the cheap feeling Ruger pistol grip and replace it with the Magpul MOE+ grip. The “+” means the grip is an upgraded MOE unit with the addition of rubber over molding. A feature I’ve come to love on my AR platforms and feel lost without one on the Ruger Precision Rifle. Installation is so simple with a single screw, even a caveman could do it.

The Sampson hand guard Ruger supplied with the rifle isn’t a bad unit, it just isn’t a great unit. Although the hand guard on my rifle was solid and centered on the barrel, there have been complaints to the contrary by other owners. Possibly an early production issue or some lax quality assurance on the assembly line at Ruger. Either way, it looks like Ruger has addressed the issue. However, I assume this will be an area that several owners will want to upgrade so in the video I demonstrate the installation of the Seekins Precision SP3R 15″ KeyMod rail. Aside from a more solid 12 bolt mounting system than the 2 bolt Sampson hand rail, the Seekins handrail has a flat bottom which helps steady the long rifle while shooting from a barricade. It also has several built in QD sling swivel mounts maintaining a clean looking hand rail.

The last item I address is the plastic bolt shroud found at the rear of Rugers bolt. The original shroud has a built in tool kit housing an allen wrench to adjust the trigger as well as a firing pin removal tool. A nice feature by all accounts but were it comes up short is the construction. Built of plastic, it lacks a solid feel and a finish deserving of this firearm. LRI produces a nice looking CNC machined Billet Aluminum bolt shroud which happens to be their most popular upgraded part on the RPR. The LRI bold shroud matches the look of the bolt and fits perfectly. Once again, installation is literally a snap.

The next few articles will address the following topics:

As you can see, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a very modular platform, easily modified by someone with basic skills and simple tools. As always, insure that the rifle is unloaded prior to attempting any disassembly or modification. If you feel you can’t handle these modifications on your own, you need to surrender your “man card” and consult a qualified Gunsmith.