I’ve featured a large number of AR15 parts from V Seven Weapons Systems in build articles on this site.  The reason is simple, they are at the bleeding edge of AR parts quality.  This stems from their investment in high-tech alloys (such as 2055 lithium-aluminum, titanium and magnesium blends) as well as a commitment to excellence.  However, this combination comes at a higher price, as fancy metals and precision machining don’t come cheap. Thus far, all the individual parts I’ve tested out from V Seven were well worth it.  Lighter, stronger and just plain better in every aspect I have the means to test.  Until now, I hadn’t had the chance to run a factory-built rifle from V Seven, only components. Recently, Owner Joel Allen cut loose an AR from the Enlightened line-up, which uses many of the aforementioned lightweight parts.  Here’s my experience with it.

Scallop cuts are everywhere, shedding weight

Let’s take a quick look at the tech specs, as provided on V Seven’s website:

V SEVEN Upper Parts:
Enlightened 2055 Lithium-aluminum upper receiver
Hyper-light 13.5” KeyMod or M-LOK handguard w/7068 alum. barrel nut (specify handguard type in the comment box on order)
14.5” 5.56 Stainless Lightweight contour fluted barrel with .625 Titanium gas block
Barrel is 1:7-in. twist poly rifling
Titanium BCG-5.56 with Titanium firing pin
Lightweight AR-15 charging handle
Ultra-light AIR AR-15 port door
Ultra-light Enlarged end port door rod
Pinned & welded 1/2 x 28 Extended Titanium A2 style compensator- Ionbond (DLC) black finish

V SEVEN Lower Parts:
Enlightened 2055 Lithium-aluminum lower receiver w/QD endplate
“Slick & Quiet” Teflon coated 2055 Lithium-aluminum 11 position carbine buffer tube
7068 Lightweight castle nut
Titanium buffer retainer
“Slick & Quiet” Teflon coated Carbine buffer spring
Enhanced H1 buffer with “Slick & Quiet” Teflon coating
Hybrid RH 57 degree selector w/ grade 5 titanium core
7068 Ultra-light mag catch/release w/diamond button
Lightweight S7 tool steel bolt catch- Ionbond (DLC) black finish
Ultra-light AR-15 Takedown/pivot pin set
Grade 5 Titanium trigger/hammer pins Geissele .155” diameter
Grade 5 Titanium grip screw

Additional Components:
Geissele G2S trigger
MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock- black
BCM MOD-0 grip- black
TangoDown ARC mag 30rnd (where legal)

As you can see, there’s a lot of titanium, Li-Al and “Ultralight” in there.  That’s why the end weight for a factory rifle with a 13.5″ handguard and 16″ barrel/flash hider is only 4 pounds, 9 ounces.  It is truly ultralight and it’s difficult to quantify just how awesome it feels.  You can get a rough estimate by pulling off parts from a “standard” weight rifle until you get down around 4.5 pounds.  More importantly, there isn’t one part of this rifle that feels weakened by virtue of it’s lightweight status.  Quite the opposite, this rifle feels like one of the beefiest and strongest I’ve ever held.  It seems quite the contradiction but it’s a marvel to behold.

Starting in on dry fire and manipulation drills, the teflon-coated (and nicely greased) buffer, buffer spring and buffer tube combined for a complete lack of “cheese grater” noise from the back third of the rifle.  The Geissele G2S trigger is an excellent 2-stage bang switch, in keeping with their stellar reputation.  Just racking the bolt a few times leaves you with the distinct impression that this isn’t a collection of properly installed parts, this is a purpose built rifle that feels like an industrial machine.

On to the range, I brought along a limited quantity of Norma Tac-223 match ammo and some Fiocchi FMJ, both rounds in 55 gr.  Forgetting I had packed along my Nikon 1-4x, I started the day with a Lucid optics fixed 4x scope.  After getting a quick zero, I knocked out a few groups at 90 yards.  The out-of-spec base on the scope meant the thumbscrews came loose every shot or two, and despite that, I printed nice groups.  Below are the notables from the day.

Shooting 90 yard groups between 1/2″ and 3/4″ is no joke, especially on the sub-par glass.  After I had used up all my Norma match and most of the Fiocchi ammo, I found the Nikon 1-4x and mounted it.  I spent my last mag popping clay pigeons at 150 yards, with ease.  One might imagine that such a reduced mass rifle, using a reduced mass Ti bolt-carrier group would have a subsequent increase of recoil, right?  Not so.  The Ti BCG provided less reciprocating mass, thus less mass hammering on your shoulder.  This is one of the softest shooting (non-muzzle brake equipped) AR’s I have ever shot in this caliber.  Also, the lightest factory AR I’ve been able to get my hands on and it’s been 100% reliable thus far: the most accurate AR I’ve shot, whether factory built or garage assembled.  Until proven otherwise, this is the King of all AR15’s in my opinion.

V Seven Weapon Systems out of Grants Pass, Oregon is making some of the finest guns and gun parts out there.  The combination of weight, strength and accuracy they’re achieving is unsurpassed.  If you’re looking for an AR15 that is out-of-the-box an impressive spectacle which needs no upgrading, check out their Enlightened series of AR’s.  This rifle as shown runs $2800, with the upper at $1797.  If bargain basement is your thing, titanium isn’t for you my friend.  If you want a rifle that will compete with any other on day 1, take a gander at V Seven.

-Rex Nanorum