Muzzle devices are one of those accessories that can easily frustrate.  Prices range from $20 to “You want how much for that?!”.  Having tested over a dozen for the AK series of rifles I was hesitant to try something for the Northwest Rifle in 300 Blackout.  I knew the A2-style flash-hider had to go, but was unsure what to replace it with.  I didn’t care about flash suppression, but wanted some compensation and braking effect.

Testing demonstrated that muzzle devices generally give you one feature, but seldom all three.  A good one can provide two features.  Flash suppression dissipates the burning gasses enough to reduce the blinding flash that in tactical situations are a beacon giving away your position with every shot.  Compensators generally direct gasses upward to reduce or balance out muzzle rise and can help with quicker follow-up shots.  A brake uses gasses to effectively pull the rifle forward and reduce perceived recoil.  I like brakes for rifles with optics as they help me keep an eye behind the glass.

Photo Credit: VG6 Precision


The AK which has a spring-loaded detent to make swapping muzzle devices tool-less and easy to clock.  Unfortunately the AR-series requires a disposable crush washer and lacks a mechanical clocking device which means the user has to spin the device off and on until the threads line up just right.  For this reason it was easy to conduct this series of AK brake tests, but I hadn’t tried many for the AR.

The Gamma by VG6 Precision isn’t the least expensive, but as you can see in the video above proved so effective that no scientific testing was needed.  If you’re interested in your .300 Blackout-caliber rifle feeling like a .22lr I highly recommend it.