As a shotgun nerd, I’m often frustrated by the lack of modernized gear for carrying extra shotshells. Twelve gauge shotgun shells are admittedly bulky and not easy to stash. Storing shotgun shell has been reduced to a cheap, poorly made nylon belt with some loops. Most of these belts are garbage and lose elasticity very quickly.

So, I’ve decided to reach deep into the bowels of tactical gear and explore modern options for carrying shotgun ammunition. Rifles rule right now, so much so that I can purchase incomplete 80 lower receivers and manufacture my own rifle. Shotguns may have taken a step back in popularity, but they are still on my radar. One of the best pieces of equipment I’ve discovered is the VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch.

VTAC stands for Viking Tactical. The company is Viking Tactical is run by former Delta Force commando Kyle Lamb. It has partnered with 5.11 Tactical multiple times and have produced some fantastic goods in the process. The VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch is one such piece of gear.

Inside the VTAC Shotgun Ammo Pouch

The VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch is a MOLLE compatible pouch that’s designed to hold a box of standard-sized box 2.75-inch shotshells. You drop the box of shotshells in the pouch, and you are off to the races! (Well, actually, before you drop it in, rip off the cardboard lid so you can access your ammo.) The box is secured by a zippered cover.

The lid of the VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch features an overlapping elastic opening that allows the end-user to reach in and retrieve ammunition as needed. The elastic opening protects the shells from the outside world and allows for easy retrieval. Reaching in and retrieving ammunition is relatively easy to do, and you can retrieve one or two rounds at a time.

Admittedly once the box gets low on ammunition, it becomes more challenging to retrieve shells. At that point, you have to rip open the zippered pouch and reach in for the last five shells or so.

The VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch is an effortless piece of gear that is small enough to fit two or even three across the body of your plate carrier or chest rig. This gives you anywhere from 25 to 75 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition. Shotguns are not suppressive weapons and don’t require you to pack hundreds of rounds for a firefight. They are designed for close-range power, and in close range situations, rarely are dozens of rounds exchanged, especially with the brutal power of a 12 gauge shotgun.

What’s It Made Of?

The VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch is made from 1050D nylon and features the 5.11 Slickstick MOLLE clips. The firm design allows it to easily slide into the MOLLE or PALS panels. Additionally. the pouches are quick and easy to orientate. They are firm, extremely strong, and support the hefty weight of 25 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot. The outside of the pouch features three rows of MOLLE that allows you to easily attach other small goods to the pouch itself.

5.11 Tactical and Viking Tactics have knocked it out of the park with this ammo pouch. It’s perfect for a vest or a belt and ideal for carrying a lot of spare shotgun ammo. You may not need this much shotgun ammo, but extra ammo is always lovely to have.