If you’re in the market for a beavertail assault pack, you should take a good look at Chase Tactical’s Warrior Assault Systems helmet cargo pack. More and more companies are getting into this type of pack for one simple reason: They work really well for short excursions. Of course, you’re not going on a three-day patrol with only this pack, but for short foot patrols, it’s the ideal size.

Colors available: Coyote, Multicam, ATACS AU, ATACS FG.

Material: 500D Cordura.

Suspension system/carrying ability: Detachable shoulder strap or MOLLE for mounting on vests.

MSRP: $135.

Application: Lightweight assault pack.

Pros: Lightweight, comfortable shoulder straps, solid craftsmanship.

Cons: Odd MOLLE count.

Bottom line: The pack is made of 500D Cordura to keep weight at a minimum. Stitching is on par with all the big players of the tactical industries, such as Eagle Industries, LBT, or High Ground Gear. The pack comes with a set of shoulder straps that are, in my opinion, more comfortable than most other offerings. The underside of the straps are made of mesh to help evacuating sweat—reducing chaffing.

Straps are removable via ITW 1″ side-release buckles, so you can mount the pack directly to the back of your plate carrier with MOLLE. There is a separate zippered portion inside the bag that accepts a small plastic plate to stiffen the pack if you plan to roll with slightly heavier loads. Capacity for the main compartment is 12L, but the beavertail portion doubles that easily.

WAS helmet pack with day hike kit
WAS helmet pack with day-hike kit

The beavertail portion is quite roomy; it easily fit my Canadian-Forces-issued kevlar helmet with room to spare for a fleece jacket. I ran the pack with MSR Evo snowshoes in the beavertail portion during a recent exercise, and the dual cinch straps provided a solid setup so the MSRs weren’t flopping around. Chase offers their pack with a MOLLE front so you can add modular pouches of your choice.

The only complaint I have is the odd MOLLE channel count of five. I would’ve preferred six loops to weave a regular horizontal utility pouch on. But this is just a very minor flaw in an otherwise great design. On both sides of the pack are small zippered pouches for random small items. They feature MOLLE on the outside to affix other pouches/items. Personally, I would’ve preferred the pouches to be just a tad larger in order to accommodate a 1L Nalgene bottle. Again, this is only a personal preference and does not make this a bad design in any way.

Further down the road I might try to roll out with a 117 radio (PRC522 for the Canadian Forces) in the beavertail portion as it would give great access to the radio, and the two cinch straps on the bottom would hold the load and not the mesh.

I would recommend this pack to anyone who is looking for a small assault pack to keep their load minimal while retaining quick access to various kit in the beavertail.

Check out the Warrior Assault Systems Helmet Cargo Pack Here.

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