Glocks are some of the most popular handguns on the market. Countless military units, law enforcement agencies, and gun enthusiasts all use Glocks. Yet for all of the fanfare and praise that people have for Glock, there is also much discontent. Regardless of how you think about Glocks, whether you hate them or love them, it’s compelling to see how they perform under extreme conditions.

If you consider yourself a part of the gun community and you aren’t familiar with Iraqveteran8888, then you should get acquainted. Iraqveteran8888 offers a lot of firearms content on his YouTube channel, but some of his most popular videos are meltdown videos where he pushes firearms to their absolute limit. Check out the video below to see how the Glock 17 holds up after continuously emptying magazines with an auto sear.

Featured image courtesy of Iraqveteran8888 YouTube Channel