Man caves.  Cigar shed, gun room, home FOB, hideout.  While they go by many names, the intent of all is the same: a space to relax in that provides an environment dripping with testosterone.  A spot to showcase (and store) your guns, gear, hobbies, cigars or golf clubs.  A big screen with surround sound ready to blast forth sonic waves conveying the soundtrack to Terminator 2.  Shoot some pool after you mix up an old fashioned, free from the gentle nuances of the fairer sex.  The man cave is supposed to be the ultimate retreat.

What are the key elements of the man cave?  That answer is as varied as the men who create them.  I started checking out some of the best man caves out there while doing some research for an upcoming article that covers the essential details of a man cave, and came across the following video.

While the music is nauseatingly boring, there are some pretty kick-ass rooms shown.  Some are more hunting retreat, others are throwbacks to the 60’s diners with muscle car aesthetic, and yet others are full on armory.  No matter which way you lean, it’s a full-on endeavor to do it right.  Check out the following rooms while you plan (or refine) your own room.

Rex Nanorum