Recently I posted about the possibility of edged weapons attacks and hard skills. For those of us who work in the security field we like to have the best gear available. I work some jobs in low-income areas where the criminal element is less concerned about the name on their latest purchase just in the short-term goal of accomplishing their mission. Below is an article from the Loadout Room related to criminal tool choice. Also attached is a photo of a box cutter I purchased from the local dollar store. Not too many people out there who can’t afford $1.00. The point being are you ready and able to successfully walk away from an encounter with someone armed with this? We are at war, adapt.

10 inch spike nail from Home Depot, file the tip needle sharp, duct tape and any low life can wield a pretty nasty weapon, for less than a buck. Some more duct tape and cardboard can be used to make a hideout sheath.

Image courtesy of Tactical Life

Courtesy of the Executive Protection Network and written by Art Dorst