Wild Hedgehog Tactical Survival Solutions focus on products that will keep you alive and arriving safe to your loved ones whether on the battlefield or the backcountry. We’ve previously reviewed the Get Home Alive Medical Kit and the Personal Trauma Kit, and now are covering their Stay Spikey Survival Kit (SSK).

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Odds are, you likely never end up in a survival situation where life and death is in the balance. However, there may be a handful of moments when your equipment breaks, you forgot an item at home, or you finally admit, whether to yourself or group, that you’re lost. That is why everyone who ventures into the wilderness should have a backup kit for those survival situations.

Wild Hedgehog puts together a very high quality kit I’ve been toting around for over a month and half. I took it on my recent trip to the Chugach Mountain Range of Alaska, and although not survival situation, the kit made my life much easier.

While in Alaska, we set up our camp on a ridge-line separating two drainage systems. Hauling a number of days worth of water, we also caught rainwater off of the tent and tarp for the first couple of rainy days. Due to our high physical exertion rate and dry weather in the later half of our trip, we ended up running low on water and needed to refill. The closest source of water we discovered was over 1,500 ft in elevation below our camp and consisted of just a tiny trickling spring.

Since the spring was on a 45-50 degree slope, it lacked any pools to use a traditional water filter. In our position, the only water receptacle that would fit in the narrow crack of the spring was the Sawyer water filter that came in the Stay Spikey Survival Kit. We were then able to transfer the water to our larger dromedary filter, the 12 liter LifeStraw Mission. The next closest water source was almost another 1,000 feet lower in elevation. Although doable, having the survival kit in my pack really saved precious time and energy in very rough terrain.

The Stay Spike Survival Kit contains items that hopefully create the all important redundancy in your kit. The kit’s size enables it to be thrown into a small pack or cargo pocket when not traveling by vehicle or with a larger pack. As with their Get Home Alive Medical Kit, the survival kit has enough room to add your own personalized items you may deem essential or want to customize for a specific environment/trip.

Stay Spikey Survival Kit Contents:

Wild Hedgehog Survival Kit Review & Giveaway


Fire Making:



  • 1″ x 3″ Band-Aids
  • Large Band-Aid
  • Steri-Strips (Wound Closure Strips)
  • Johnson & Johnson Gauze Pads
  • Aspirin
  • Tylenol
  • Antihistamine
  • Iodine Antiseptic Pads
  • Tampon
  • 3M Medical Tape

Wild Hedgehog Survival Kit Review & Giveaway

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