California loves to hate guns. They are constantly moving the goal post on their gun control agenda. This is the state that’s implemented fictional microstamping technology into their gun laws. Everyone remembers the gunpocalypse in California in 2016. One of the new laws was a redefining what an assault weapon is, going beyond even their previous definition. The new definition of an assault weapon was essentially any gun with a detachable magazine and one cosmetic feature. This new law also forced owners to register their newly defined assault weapons. However, on Wednesday the California Department of Justice withdrew the registration requirement.

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What and Why

This regulation was challenged heavily by a massive group of gun rights organizations. These groups include the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Calguns Foundation, and several more. Registration is hotly contested on several different grounds. One is the 4th amendment violations it causes, and the second is registration leads to confiscation.

7 shot AR… still not legal in Cali

The lawsuit was filed by my personal gun rights hero Alan M. Gottlieb. He sued based on the fact that the system designed to allow gun owners to register their firearms was non-functional. California assault weapon owners had a July deadline to register their weapons. They were very close to becoming overnight criminals due to the state’s dead website.

Super Illegal in Cali….

This is only one success in a pile of lawsuits filed by gun-rights organizations. These groups are fighting hard to reverse the infringements California has implemented against American gun owners.

Assault Weapon

Are there farther-reaching implications of this new non-registration capability. What about 80 lower receiver enthusiasts? The serialization rule seems to still be in effect, but could you hypothetically build a gun under the old assault weapon law and be good to go? I wouldn’t suggest anything illegal, but would anyone really know? PA Luty seemed to thing gun building was a great form of protest. I want to say good luck Californians and keep fighting.