If two is one and one is none, then the little things are big and the big things are essential. I’ve said it in more than a few of my articles: America’s next battle rifle will be less of a paradigm shift and more of a collection of all the incremental improvements made over decades of service with a modular rifle.

Xtreme Precision Extended Takedown Pin Review
Extra pin for the pushing on the backside. Photo by Rex nanorum

One of those incremental improvements can be found in the Xtreme Precision extended takedown pin set.  Some AR15 uppers mate perfectly well with their assigned lowers.  Others have a super snug fit that makes breaking down your rifle for cleaning or disassembly a pain.  These little hardened steel pins are extended on both sides.  You have the option of pulling on the added little knobs on the right side of the pins (as assembled) or you can now push on the slightly extended left side.  I’ve had more than a few upper/lower sets of AR15 receivers that have been incredibly tight fitting.  We’re talking about receivers from big brand name manufacturers that need a tool or bullet tip to push the takedown pins out a little ways to get them started.  The little extra material here to push or pull with makes a big difference.

Small parts can make a big difference.  These pins from Xtreme Precision run $14.99 here.  A small price for a small part that can make more than a small difference.