Last year when Zero Tolerance and maker Les George collaborated on the ZT 0900, a knife based on his Mini Harpy design, fans wondered if a production version of the full-size Harpy would follow. At SHOT Show 2017 the team delivered with the ZT 0920, which brings the elusive Harpy design to a wider audience as a high-end hard use utility knife.

The Harpy has its origins in a prototype that George started working on in 2006. The first official Harpy debuted in 2011, and it has become one of the most sought-after custom knives ever since. To arrive at the 0920, Zero Tolerance replicated the unconventional 3.9-inch blade and mimicked the intricate pattern milled into the scales seen on George’s custom work.

George acknowledges that the aggressive styling and size will not suit all users’ tastes. “I think that it is a polarizing design. People will like it or not and I doubt we will see much middle ground,” he tells us. “Executing designs in a polarizing way is a strength of ZT. I think that they did a great job on that here.”

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Photo courtesy of Knife News