Don’t let the adorable size fool you – the “Boomin Beaver” plays a vital role in keeping the Navy’s most powerful vessels safe.

While aircraft carriers launch fighter jets and battleships unleash heavy firepower, the Boomin Beaver tackles a different kind of mission: protecting harbors and critical infrastructure with stealth and precision.

Small But Mighty

This 19-foot (5.7-meter) mini tugboat might not be launching helicopters, but its role is equally important.

Nicknamed the Boomin Beaver by its crew, this vessel specializes in deploying, operating, and maintaining harbor security booms.

Boomin Beaver, the Navy’s security tug boat (Image source: DVIDS)

Unlike larger tugs, the Beaver’s compact size allows it to get closer to the water, enabling a crew of two to five sailors to safely maneuver and open or close these underwater barriers without risking damage to massive warships.

From Logging Logs to Stopping Warships: An Unexpected Journey

The Boomin Beaver’s story has an interesting twist.

Built in 2002 by Chuck’s Boat and Drive in Washington, 19BB (also stands for “Barrier Boats”) was originally designed for the commercial logging industry, tugging floating logs.

However, the struggling logging industry in the early 2000s forced Chuck’s Boat and Drive to look for new opportunities.