The first three people to turn in the following tasks and answers will receive an autographed copy of the book 100 Deadly Skills by Clint Emerson.

Rules & Instructions: Anyone may participate and this scavenger hunt will be scored for time and accuracy.

Provide correct answers to questions and take screen shots of your given tasks to provide proof the task was complete. Once you’re finished submit your answers and screen shots via the Force12Media submission form (scroll down on the home page).

Scavenger Hunt 

  1. What day did Jack Murphy’s series “Ranger Goes to College” first publish on SOFREP?
  2. How many sites are currently in the Force12 Media network?
  3. How many podcasts are in the Force12 Media network?
  4. What is Jim West’s military background?
  5. What episode of SOFREP Radio did Marcus Luttrell make a guest appearance?
  6. Go like the Force12 Media Facebook and Instagram pages.
  7. Go like the page, and leave a comment on the 100 Deadly Skills Instagram account and tag #SOFREP #Force12Media
  8. Get a friend to like the SOFREP Facebook page
  9. What was the publication date of Jack Murphy’s first novel?
  10. What was the publication date of The Red Circle by Brandon Webb?
  11. What network is currently developing a TV pilot for The Red Circle?
  12. What does JSOC stand for?
  13. What are two major stories SOFREP broke in the news since 2012?
  14. Share our membership Trikos protection dog give-away with a friend via social media or email.
  15. What is Force12 Media’s newest website?
  16. What book is The Making of a Navy SEAL adapted from for young adult audiences?
  17. Who is the current host of the LoadOutRoom?
  18. What is the official publication date for 100 Deadly Skills?
  19. What is the author’s background?
  20. On the cover of the book 100 Deadly Skills, what is the diving apparatus called?