In an action the Kremlin is calling a terror attack, two men on a military small arms range in Belgorod, Russia, opened fire, killing 11 men and wounding an additional 15 before themselves being shot to death. The incident happened on Saturday, October 15th. The shooters were reported to be from an unidentified former Soviet republic. Those killed had supposedly volunteered for Putin’s army and were training to fight in Ukraine.

According to the Russian News agency TASS, that nation’s Defense Ministry told reporters, “…two citizens of a CIS country committed an act of terror at training range of the Western Military District in the Belgorod Region.” CIS, or Commonwealth of Independent States, is the verbiage used by Russia to denote former Soviet Socialist States. The wounded were quickly taken to nearby medical facilities and are being treated for varying severities of gunshot wounds.

Two soldiers are shown with raised weapons
Soldiers with Kalashnikov rifles take aim at a target. Screenshot from Twitter and BNN

Baza, a Russian news site that works closely with local police, reported that the shooting occurred roughly around 10:00 AM local time. The shooting comes at a time when tensions over President Vladimir Putin’s 300,000 soldier call-up are at an all-time high, and he is facing fierce opposition from his citizens. The Guardian reports that 16,000 mobilized Russian troops are already fighting in Ukraine and that an additional 222,000 of Putin’s 300K have already been tapped for duty.

The number of Russian troops already killed in the (thus far) seven-month-long “special military operation” is staggering but can vary significantly depending on who you ask. Ukrainska Pravda puts the number of Russian dead at 64,300. They report that on October 13th alone, Ukrainian armed forces killed 500 enemy troops and took 17 drones out of the fight.

A few of the new recruits, part of Putin’s conscripted 300K, have already been sent into action. At least 20 of them have been killed. The Guardian relays the story of a man named Andrei Nikiforov. Nikiforov was a lawyer from Saint Petersburg. His life ended rather abruptly. One week, he was minding his own business, practicing law in one of the largest cities in his nation. Then, on September 25th, he received his conscription papers. By October 7th, not two weeks later, he was dead, killed near the frontlines in Lysychansk.