Edgewood, WA — A 2-year-old boy, Thorin Hess, was wondering about and stepped on the cover of a septic tank which gave way. He fell inside — down 10 feet — and his mother and sister ran to the tank to rescue him. After locating the boy they attempted to pull him out, the boy’s sister said his shoe slipped off and he fell back in. He was too slippery to easily retrieve through the tank’s small hole.

The mother, Marcia, was able to squeeze herself through the septic tank’s opening, sustaining significant bruising in the process. She was able to hand the boy out of the tank to the 12-year-old sister, Madi Hess. The boy was unresponsive but out of the tank. However, getting in the tank was one thing, but getting out was proving much more difficult. Marcia wasn’t in danger, but she was stuck and unable to help her son any further.

This left Madi alone with her unresponsive toddler brother. She called 911 immediately, and the operator told her how to conduct CPR. She listened to his instructions, and by the time the first responders arrived at the scene, little Thorin was responsive again.

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