The U.S. Army is currently participating in the large-scale military exercise Saber Striker throughout the Baltic nations and Poland. The annual exercise, which aims to increase international interoperability throughout the region in an effort to deter Russian aggression, has 18 national participants and sees U.S. troops working alongside some 18,000 troops from various other nations.

These types of exercises are often led by the United States, but an embarrassing setback in the early days of the exercise resulted in 15 American soldiers being sent to a Lithuanian hospital after their four M1126 Stryker Combat Vehicles collided near the city of Prienai.

The soldiers and vehicles all hailed from the 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment — none of the soldiers suffered serious injuries and have since been returned to full duty.

“Fifteen U.S. Army soldiers were transported to local hospitals by host nation ground ambulances for evaluation of injuries. Ten of those injured were held for overnight observation,” Don Wrenn, a U.S. Army Europe spokesman, told reporters.