It goes without saying, as a whole, the Night Stalkers are the best helicopter pilots that the world has to offer.  Most Army pilots aspire to make it into the unit, but few will ever attain their goal. These pilots fly the world’s élite (Delta, SEALs, and Rangers) from target to target, as well as offering close air support (CAS) to operators on the ground.

The brave men of 160th SOAR do things with helos that many would not think possible. There were  times coming into a target that we landed in an area so confined that most civilians would have had a difficult time conducting a three-point turn in their own vehicle. The reflexes, commitment, and straight ‘nerves of steel’ that these men possess are too often taken for granted by the command and soldiers who are, and have been, blessed with their services.

At Hunter Army Airfield Savannah, Georgia on February 22, 2013 a small group of Night Stalkers were given the recognition that they have long deserved.

According to the US Army Special Operation Command:

Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland, United States Army Special Operations Command commanding general, presented the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Air Medal with Valor medals to several deserving Soldiers.

As the Night Stalkers continue to serve special operations around the world, we at SOFREP want to say thank you for allowing us to arrive safely back to our friends, family, and loved ones.