As we peer into the distant horizon of 2024, we know it will be a defining year both at home in the U.S. and abroad. The free world waits, biting its nails, for the outcome of the American Presidential election in November that will influence the global economy and geopolitical landscapes in hot spots like Russia-Ukraine, Africa, and more recently, Israel-Gaza.

The following is our outlook for 2024, with major contributions from Brandon Webb (Editor-in-Chief), Donald Bolduc (Retired Brigadier General), and Guy McCardle (Managing Editor).

U.S. Presidential Election 2024

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are poised to take center stage once again. This isn’t merely a rerun; it’s a critical juncture that encapsulates the ideological and policy divides shaping not only the U.S. but the entire world.

The Supreme Court will likely determine Trump’s candidacy, and we see the court ruling in his favor and letting the population decide with free elections.

Nikki Haley was once a wild card and is now a serious contender for the Republican nomination in the face of a myriad of legal problems former POTUS Trump faces.

She is a serious challenger, bringing a unique blend of conservative policy and diplomatic experience. Her candidacy could pivot the Republican focus, offering a different and more steady path than Trump’s.

Haley’s track record as U.N. Ambassador underlines her understanding of international relations, making her a compelling figure in this high-stakes election. Her candidacy could sway not just American voters but also the global perception of the U.S.’s future role on the world stage.

This election transcends American borders. Nations around the globe will be closely watching as the outcome will influence global economic policies, military alliances, and international diplomatic relations. Leaders in regions like the Middle East, Asia, and Europe will recalibrate their strategies based on whether they are interfacing with a Trump-led (or potentially Haley-led) America.