Approximately 100 airmen participated in the 8th annual Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Association’s run, which took place on March 28th in Biggs Park, Texas. But this wasn’t your regular run. Lasting 24 hours, the event was open to all physically fit military and civilian personnel associated with the Fort Bliss base. Rotating in shifts, the combined military-civilian team finished the event and held the TACP flag high.

The purpose of the run was to honor fallen TACP airmen and to raise funds to support their families. The run brought in close to $200,000, which will be invested in creating scholarships for the children of fallen airmen or in direct support of their families.

“All proceeds raised from this run benefit our TACP families,” said Lt. Col. Nicklaus Walker, the 7th Air Support Operations Squadron Commander, in an interview with DVIDS. “The most important part of this run is honoring those that came before us.”

The 7th Air Support Operations Squadron is apportioned to support the Army’s 1st Armored Division at the division and brigade levels. When attached to conventional units, TACPs have a dual role: to advise their Army or Marine Corps comrades about the capabilities and limitation of airpower and to request and coordinate close air support missions.