Hey there new Team Room members! For those of you who took advantage of our INFIL_EXFIL promotion, THANK YOU! We were honored that Michael worked with us to promote his film, and we’re giving most of the proceeds to his favorite group, Military Minds. This isn’t a charity donation, Ski’s just not looking to make a profit off the movie – despite having funded it on his own – he’s more concerned about the guys and gals suffering PTS getting the help they need and deserve.

When Ski mentioned the movie to us, we jumped at the chance to promote it here on Team Room. SOFREP wants to help veterans do good work like this and we want to help get the word out about this movie. We’re hoping you’ll share INFIL_EXFIL on Facebook and get the word out.

We wanted to include a 3-Day ‘introductory’ membership in addition to the movie for your $2.99. And while most websites would automatically roll you into their membership programs, we’re not into that whole ‘Internet Marketing’ thing. Here at SOFREP, we’re pretty honest and straightforward. We figure if we give you a chance to poke around the place you’ll want to stay a while, support our veteran writing team, and enjoy the best that SOFREP has to offer, and you’ll choose to upgrade on your own. If not, we’re just glad you took the time to watch INFIL_EXFIL, because it’s a damn good piece of work.

But here’s the thing – our ‘upgrade’ process is just a little broken today. If you login and get that ‘expired’ message and try to subscribe, IT WILL WORK, but I’ll need to flip a few switches for you. Fortunately, we’ll get this all straightened out tonight (Sunday, June 9), so this won’t be an ongoing problem. It’s just not an elegant upgrade process at the moment.