After getting out of the Marine Corps, I immediately enrolled in college and set about on a life path that I thought would offer my family the most stability and financial security my background would allow, which for me, meant working for one the many defense contractors based in the Boston area… And trust me, it’s a significantly less sexy line of work than some would likely believe.

Over the last 17 years, the Global War on Terror has redefined the ways that many of us think of things like warfare, and along with those shifting perceptions comes a shift in the way we think of the world associated with them.  Two groups, in particular, that have become far more prominent in terms of America’s national defense strategy, as well as in the minds of many Americans, are the Special Operations community, and contractors.  In the minds of many, the former tend to transition into the latter at a certain point in their career – as demonstrated by elite war fighters like Jason Delgado, Kris “Tanto” Paronto, and others.  The thing is, in the defense industry, those guys, and their jobs, are far from the norm when it comes to contracting.  Here’s a picture of me during my glamorous days working in the private sector in support of the war effort:

That’s right, I was a regional HR manager, tasked with keeping factories running, overseeing hiring initiatives and layoffs, and hardly ever wearing anything bullet proof.