With the massive success of former 3/75 Sniper Nick Irving’s memoir “The Reaper,” television executives have green lit a 5-part television series based on the book.  Nick has told SOFREP that he will be collaborating with other former snipers from the 75th Ranger Regiment to ensure that the series gets done the right way.  In a market dominated by stories about Navy SEALs, this will probably be the first time that Rangers have been cast in the spotlight since Ridley Scott’s 2001 film, “Black Hawk Down.”

Since 9/11, the Ranger Regiment has conducted thousands of direct action raids in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Nick got to play a role in those operations as a member of Charlie Company, 3rd Ranger Battalion, and later when he was assigned to the Battalion’s sniper section.

The Ranger Regiment is…the world’s premier light infantry fighting force, specializing in raids and assault missions deep inside enemy held territory.  An expert in short-notice combat deployments, the Ranger Regiment is a rapidly deployable strike force and is the largest special operations combat element in the U.S. Army. (US Army official site)

With the success of Chris Kyle’s memoir, which was turned into a blockbuster film directed by Clint Eastwood, “The Reaper” is sure to be a huge hit on the small screen after going into development this summer.