The holiday season is upon us, which means shopping, cooking, cleaning for guests, and if you’re lucky, a fair amount of celebratory cheer that manages to sneak its way past all the stress and anxiety that coincides with a home full of your extended family.  There’s nothing wrong with letting the Christmas or Hanukkah spirit seep through your tough guy or gal façade, but it might help to brush up a bit on your home security during this long month of celebrations and turkey-supplemented complacency.

The holiday season is supposed to remind us about the good in the world, for which there is, of course, plenty. It still pays to be cautious when it comes to protecting your loved ones from calamity, whether caused by accident, by nature, or the ill will of others.  With that in mind, here are four brief tips to help make sure you make it to the new year without appearing on the front page of your local paper.


Be careful about leaving boxes by the road.

(Wikimedia Commons)

Once you’re finished unwrapping all the gifts you and your loved ones have exchanged, you’ll probably be left with a big pile of boxes covered in pictures of all the neat new gadgets and toys you’ve packed your house with.  Piling these boxes up with your outgoing trash or recycling on the side of the road is a lot like leaving a gear list tacked to your door detailing all the pricey goods a home invader can expect to find inside.

Depending on how trash pickup works in your town, some viable options may be to cut the cardboard boxes up and bag them, fold them so the plain brown paper is facing outward, or if you live in the sticks like I do – some of those boxes can make for some pretty good kindling for an outdoor fire.  You probably want to avoid burning plastic coated cardboard in your indoor fireplaces, however.


Water your Christmas tree.