With the influx of Muslim refugees in Europe and America, people are looking at possible solutions on how to incorporate the newly migrated Muslims into their local communities. A professor in Germany suggested that the German children should be forced to learn Arabic in order to ease the transition of the migrant children into their local German community.

Computer science professor Thomas Strothotte writes that Arabic should be a “compulsory” lesson for kids so that Germany can, “be a country of immigration and a multilingual society.” According to Strothotte, the lessons would help prepare the children, “for the profound transformation process in the Middle East.” (Watson, 2016)

Other teachers have tried to incorporate Islam into school activities. A teacher in Austria changed God to Allah in a Christian song. Canadian children were forced to perform a song about the Prophet Muhammad. Parents were outraged. Learning Arabic or altering schoolwork to incorporate Islam will not help to assimilate the Muslim immigrants into a western society.

Most of the Muslim migrants will remain in close pockets throughout the host nation. Safety and security are one of their primary concerns after leaving a war-torn country. Therefore, they will more than likely continue to choose to live in concentrated communities. Additionally, Islam is a religion that promotes community, which is regulated by both religious and civil law. The Muslim migrants will not stray too far from their local religious leaders and mosques. If you are not Muslim, than you are not a part of their community. (See the video below which illustrates this point) These methods of assisted assimilation will only create resentment and hostility on both sides. A more realistic solution would be to do nothing and let the Muslim migrants live in their communities. Unfortunately, the most we can expect is partial assimilation over multiple generations.



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