Several thousand people travel to different countries each year. Whether its for vacation, to visit distant relatives, or for work, international travel is almost common place — and thanks to air travel, its easier than ever. Although some countries can be enchanting and tempting to visit, they may not be safe for foreign travelers due to things like extortion or terrorism. Here’s a list of five countries you can travel to, but should probably reconsider — especially if you don’t have family there.


Mother Russia; the massive country that spans across Europe and Asia. The largest city is Moscow, which is home to some great sites, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square. From there you can head northwest and visit The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, near the Baltic Sea. More adventurous travelers might want to climb Mt. Elbrus or go diving in the world’s deepest lake in Siberia. Russia is a country rich in history, that is also big enough to offer something for almost everyone.

Why you shouldn’t go —

According to the US State Department, US citizens in Russia are prime targets for ” harassment, mistreatment, and extortion by law-enforcement and other officials,” and Russian officials often make it hard for US State Department personnel to contact US citizens if they have been arrested. The country is also frequently targeted by terrorists, making it undoubtedly more unsafe.



This country is located in Western Africa and borders Senegal, Mali, and Western Sahara. According to Lonely Planet, Mauritania’s capital of Nouakchott, near the Atlantic, coast is full of great restaurants, nice hotels, and “Africa’s busiest fish market.” The country is also known for its beaches and offers a few great surf spots for those brave enough.