If you are like me, and you browse social media and news sites on a near-daily basis—trying to maintain a grasp of what is happening in the world, and keep up with the news in general—then you always see articles, posts, and blogs out there, many written by people like yours truly, that talk about how you can improve your life by doing things the “Navy SEAL Way.”

Shoot like a Navy SEAL! Fight like a Navy SEAL! Make love like a Navy SEAL! Ten ways to live like a Navy SEAL! How to cook like a Navy SEAL!

We have all seen them, and many of you are probably sick of these types of articles popping up all the time.  I know I have written a lot of them, and sometimes I cringe when they are titled in a way that maximizes clicks, which usually means including “Navy SEAL” in the title.

Well, sometimes being a Navy SEAL, or having the SEAL approach to life, can be a drag. Sometimes it does not help at all. Sometimes it is just a downright pain in the ass. Just ask my four kids; they will tell you. They would probably be just as happy to have a laid back, low key, slacker dad/stepdad. Instead, they are stuck with a type-A, driven, aggressive, overachieving fatherly juggernaut. Just like a “Tiger Mom,” I am a Navy SEAL dad, and it is not always a good deal for those unlucky enough to be under my fatherly supervision.