Overnight in Turkey, a military coup has rocked the already unstable nation, overseen by the tyrannical leader, Turkish President Erdogan. For the moment, it’s best to remain objective as reports come in, yet the mainstream media is again forgetting to speculate on any reports from Turkey; a nation in question. Turkish President Erdogan has silenced freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in Turkey, under Turkish law, Article 299/301 – prior to the coup.

Also, and as I’ve previously written on Turkey, a nation that has primarily turned a blind eye to Daesh (ISIS,) in favor of disrupting Kurdish forces, until recently. The on-going European refugee crisis has also been exploited and manipulated by Turkey, as it has played for a favorable borders and trade deal with the European Union. Just as well, any reports from a nation who is maneuvering towards despotism and has shut down the media outlets who has opposed the state media should be questioned. There is also an extremely odd and the increasingly, relatively possible Turkish Deep State, which also brings matters unique onto itself across the ancient national landscape. Yet we all tolerate Turkey, primarily thanks to its strategic geographic location.

Midnight Madness from Ankara to Istanbul

As the coup rocked, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation was captured by the Rebel Turkish Army. From their foothold, they released a statement announcing that they had taken control of the country and imposed martial law. Their move was geared to upend Turkish Law No. 6112, which allows the government to institute a temporary blackout to “protect public order or national security.”

The Rebel Turkish Army then attempted to shut down all airports and ports and instituted a curfew.