Russians Kill More Hiding Civilians

On Sunday, May 8th, Russian forces attacked a school building on the outskirts of Luhansk, Ukraine, taking the lives of 60 innocent people and starting a raging inferno that took hours to put out. Serhiy Haidai, the Luhansk Oblast Governor, announced the airstrike Sunday on Telegram. He said the school building contained about 90 people at the time of the attack. Thirty people were able to be safely removed from the building, but many remained, trapped in the smoldering rubble.

The targeted civilians were hiding in a bomb shelter positioned below the school and were spread out over a 300-meter area. The ensuing fires also damaged a nearby community center. The governor said that the victims were forced to move to this building for safety after Russians bombed another building where civilians were hiding.

Workers sift through the burning remains, looking for victims and possible survivors. Image Credit:

Haidai was quoted as saying:

“All 60 people who remained under the rubble of the buildings have most likely died. These are real atrocities of the ‘Russian world’: the cynical shelling of a school with a bomb shelter, the killing of children in Pryvillia. The Russians don’t care who they kill. If they can’t kill a soldier, they will kill an innocent child.”