An undefined alliance of corporate and government interests have been charged in the court of public opinion. The list of charges presented by this anonymous grand jury of concerned citizens claim that weaponized chartered and civilian aircraft via clandestine affiliations have targeted the world’s population with  chemical warfare. They accuse a solar geoengineering plan to deploy mirrors or spray aerosols at select locations as means to counteract greenhouse gases and reflect sunlight as a cover for a sinister global campaign of atmospheric chemical indoctrination and/or weather weaponization. Their proof is hinged upon the voice conversation with an alleged NASA official, on the lithium dispersion in the Ionosphere.

The accusing parties state that a cornucopia of varying chemicals has been deployed via these aircraft as a means of population control and a host of unscrupulous and unregulated experimentation with the unwitting public as the lab rats. In addition to these accusations, the charges continue into deliberate and at times targeted weather manipulation. Primarily the U.S. Government has been singled out as the culprit of weather domination, as well as mind-control, satellite disabling, earthquake manifestation, and disease deployment. The 1993 established, Gakona, Alaska-based, High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP has been cited as the alleged weapon used in these crimes.

The claim markers are convinced and are well entrenched for the long-haul, adamant that their beliefs are true. Their arguments rest heavily on the points that if you don’t believe in the conspiracy, you’re part of it, lacking common-sense, or crazy. Despite the very weak and unfounded evidence brought forth as their strongest scientific argument, disguised as proof. The chemtrail and weather dominator club is as zealous and ravenous as a religion; in that you believe as they do, or you’re wrong. A problematic doctrine for any scientific basis, as it is known that as knowledge marches onward, as does our understanding; for instance the world in not flat, the earth in not the center of the solar system or universe, and the atmosphere is not comprised of ethers as just a few examples of how doctrine today can be laughable tomorrow in science. Albeit, these changes required proofs; not followers and internet loudmouths to gloat and boast as hellfire preachers.

Where is this coming from?

That’s not even possible, right? In some respects, it is and may reflect the founding base of the argument, which has manifested these charges. A 1967 unclassified Memorandum, which is publicly available via the U.S. Department of State, Office of the Historian cites an often-forgotten Department of Defense undertaking during the Vietnam War. Operation Popeye, Operation Motorpool, and Operation Intermediary-Compatriot of multiple names, but with the same goal – the names changes were due to security leaks. Nevertheless, from 1967 through 1972  a new tactic was made available to the DoD and deployed strategy to disrupt North Vietnamese lines of communication and logistical routes through cloud seeding.

The research on cloud seeding was based on a National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Hurricane Research Division endeavor, called Project Stormfury. This seemingly science-fiction project was a research methodology based on the hydrology and meteorological principles of that time to disburse hurricanes before they could make landfall and cause damage. NOAA’s hypothesis was that a hurricane could be disbursed if heightened convection was to be achieved via aircraft delivered silver iodine through the eyewall of a hurricane. Although, the project failed to deliver real results and was terminated after 21-years of research in 1983.

NOAA did not simply manifest the hurricane dispersal theory but had based their arguments for testing the possibility. Their work was based on  another unclassified program, which is referenceable via the Defense Technical Information Center. Project Cirrus sought out to change the aspect of talking about the weather, into doing something about the weather. Dr. Irving Langmuir, a Nobel laureate, and Dr. Vincent Schaefer of the General Electric Company led a joint GE -U.S. Army research laboratories project on, and in respect to reality, “the art of profiting from unexpected occurrences.” The brilliantly titled study, was ground-breaking and found its hey-day based upon successful discovers in aircraft de-icing. In their line of testing and discovery, the team extrapolated that any substances deployed at -40 degrees Celsius over the right type of cloud would cause ice crystals to form within that cloud. The seeded cloud would then react, with perception in accordance with the type of seeding.

Project Cirrus is where all the ideas and conspiracies on meteorological modification, weather domination, and contrails are rooted from. A couple guys at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey thought it’d be cool to drop dry ice on stratus clouds. Despite their ideas, and at times, seemingly successful manipulation of the weather, things did not always work in the real world as they did in the lab. The first real-world attempt sought to interdict a 1947 hurricane with 80 lbs of dry ice, failed, as did the latter NOAA attempts with silver iodine against hurricanes. Yet their work led to the development of cloud seeding for firefighting and was successfully deployed in 1947 against a forest fire in Maine. Although weather modification has been widely mandated within the United States, due to legislative and public concerns. In 1971, Congress enacted weather modification restrictions. In accordance with the evolution and regulation of these restrictions, the state of Colorado amongst others publicize weather modifications, and such events are easily trackable via the many open source, and public meteorological radars systems and satellites.

Despite the cultural climate against playing god in the United States, it does not mean that cloud seeding has dried out. In fact, the Chinese government used cloud seeding to force rain outside of Beijing to ensure a rain free 2008 Olympic Games opening day.

Oh no, it’s HAARP

How HAARP, worked while it was operational.


Through the midst of what has actually occurred, arguments persist and are somehow dragging HAARP into the picture. Even though the facility was closed in 2015 with its equipment delivered to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. Regardless, the subarctic High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program was far from glamorous and simply sought to continue the development of radio communications and surveillance capabilities. The quest for these advancements has been ongoing, and less wow-factor than the current plant to deploy plasma-bombs in the atmosphere based on observed research findings on the Ionosphere from HAARP.

That’s because HAARP was simply a research station, and not a very successful one, considering its short run. Even so, it was not a loss, as the station deployed an ionospheric research instrument via a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility to manipulate the high-frequency band as a means of temporarily exciting portions of the ionosphere. The facility was also key-located amongst select geological features, with unique physical properties that were thought to provide additional discoveries in radio and surveillance technologies. Assisting the effort on site at HAARP, were ultra-high and very-high frequency radar capabilities, a fluxgate magnetometer, and an induction magnetometer, and an ionospheric sounding device or digisonde.


The ionosphere is defined as the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that is ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. Short wave radiation that penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere does not reach the surface. Via Stanford University.


The spooky element of HAARP is something that is disheartening because a really cool side-effect of the testing was taken totally out of context. Much like showing fire to a caveman in a Mel Brooks movie, conspiracy theorists who rest heavily on their internet printed, pseudo-science degrees cited iconic substorms as the initiation point of weather manipulation. The conspiracy theorists also allege the names of projects, which they choose to disambiguate in the most layman sense, such as the Defence Advanced Research Project Agency,  Basic Research on Ionospheric Characteristics and Effects, ionospheric geomagnetic substorm evolution process. Tests such as these affect the ionosphere and magnetic fields, which of course in a location like Alaska will create a really cool byproduct of this cause and effect, the aurora borealis or northern lights.

These listed items and the research listed can spark the imagination, and lead to accusations of all sorts. That is for those who do not actually know what such devices are, nor care to grasp the methods used in the advancement in technology through the varying research and development capabilities. I believe that we can all agree that things that people don’t understand, can be scary to most, and that is often a failure on their behalf  as it is easier for them to jump to conclusions rather than conduct independent research. Well, that is beyond those click-bait wow-factors and spoon-fed Hollywood style shock you with what you want to believe sources. The most prominent fact remains that people don’t like boring, and most importantly, that many fail to reflect on the heavy public documentation of these projects. It is a matter of searching, for instance, the Library of Congress database – instead of relying on Google.

Controlling the Skies: The Science, Ethics, and Warfare Applications of Weather Manipulation

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Anyway, didn’t G.I. Joe stop Cobra Commander from using the Weather Dominator?


I say Potato, you say Potatoe, or in this case, I say Contrail, and you say Chemtrail,

A contrail, is what I’ve always thought it to be and since I grew up near an airport I have always been familiar with them. It is the most simple thing to understand, a visible phenomenon generated by a very normal and regular natural process, its condensation.


aturation point with respect to ice. So when condensation is injected in the atmosphere at those altitudes, the microscopic particles of ice don’t simply evaporate, they persist and even grow, and they are spread by the winds into broader patches of cirrus cloud. Via the National Weather Service.
The relative size of water molecules to condensation nuclei. Via the National Weather Service.


Most simply put, all of the arguments I’ve read counter to condensation are based on a failure to grasp not only something as simple as condensation but grade-school science class understanding of the atmosphere, and for aircraft specifically, the stratosphere. This is very simple, as an aircraft engine turbine spins, it is producing heat at an elevation that is significantly colder than ground-level temperature – the higher up you go, the colder it gets.

Nevertheless, chemtrail theorists argue untethered from reality and assert a point that is not a mystery. The core of their argument attempts to counter condensation on the aircraft elevation and evaporation; per high-flying aircraft, contrails evaporate more swiftly than other contrails, which can tend to spread out and at times form cirrus clouds. Granted if you know nothing about hydrology and meteorology, or the hydrological cycle, their argument could appear to be sound, and even somewhat convincing. Yet, their observations are not groundbreaking or even something new.


The hydrologic cycle describes the pilgrimage of water as water molecules make their way from the Earth’s surface to the atmosphere, and back again. This gigantic system, powered by energy from the sun, is a continuous exchange of moisture between the oceans, the atmosphere, and the land.  Via NASA.


When the condensation is formed, its behavior and lifetime as visible is determined by the rules of the environment in which it was formed.  So, in respect to their argument, when condensation is dispersed from a concentrated aircraft engine it must respect the law of nature at the time and in the condition in which they were dispersed. A contrail is influenced by humidity when at high altitudes or above the saturation point. Respecting that fact, and the principle of ice in the hydrological cycle, and elevation, those tiny ice particles are not going to simply float away, but persist, condense and grow as the wind pushes and forces them together into patches of cirrus clouds that are claimed to be chemtrails.

As for high-flying aircraft, at 30 to 40,000ft in the stratosphere, we’re looking at weight and dispersion. For instance, a snowflake can take around three hours to reach the surface and we’re looking at particles, which are of course, much smaller.  A snowflake, as well,  will also be influenced by cross-winds like the jet-stream, and that snowflake can often fall fifty to one-hundred miles away from where it was originally released from its parent cloud. Now consider the tiny particles of ice condensation and how atmospheric conditions can and will affect them. The eventual water vapor created in the hydrological process of hot aircraft engines changes to condensation, to ice particle, to slowly drifting vapor, and reaches the ground, say weeks later – although, it will have likely evaporated well before then.




In regards to the heavy metal pollutants acclaimed by the chemtrail conspiracists, reference coal-fired power plants and heavy industry. The testing methods used by the chemtrail conspiracists also fail to account for ground-level contamination that influences their results.

For the acclaimed, X and other such patterns formed in the skies, which it the most ridiculous. A simple check of open-source flight radar data, and noting the approach paths of aircraft over time while extrapolating the varying and vast aircraft types, elevations, and speeds in correlation with all atmospheric and weather conditions with times of aircraft flight, as well as the lingering conditions. This method, as well as the scientific method, has yet to be undertaken by the many conspiracy theorist; who tend to lose interest once the contrail is no longer observable.

Bottomline, there are more planes in the air than ever before, and more people on the ground who are easily bewildered. Additionally, the stratosphere contains high levels of humidity, primarily from ground-based sources such as lakes, the ocean and so forth in the hydrological cycle and aircraft passing through any region, will interact on some level. The contrail is not always observable to the naked eye, but a reaction always occurs with heat + water. These is no magic involved to create an environmentally based cause and effect, or in the creation of a visible phenomenon of ice particles which are condensed and injected into the atmosphere via aircraft engines.

Fear of the unknown

The known even brings fear, the allegation that NASA is regularly spraying lithium into the atmosphere doesn’t merit a counter-point, and NASA doesn’t even have the budget for that. Anyhow, the famously acclaimed recording of a NASA official attesting to regular lithium dispersal was a fraud. Although, there was a study conducted on mass vaccine dispersal by air, which was a by-product of the post-9/11 national freak-out. The original 2003 NASA study is now being manipulated, misread, and taken entirely out of context to meet the framing device of the conspiracists behind the unfounded finger-pointing. Another study taken out of context is no more relevant than crop-dusting and was focused on West-Nile mosquito eradication.

As for weather warfare, that seems extremely useful, and the U.S. Air Force thinks so as well, a study titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” demonstrates an interest in making it happen. Although, the 1996 paper is theoretical and simply a think tank style proposal. There is also a Geneva Convention 1978 treaty, and 1979 U.S. ratified, Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. A move to create and promote the creation of a Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, has been repeatedly denied.

STEM, is damned

Yet the transformative delivery that many conspiracy theories use, often promises you the ‘true’ cause for all of your life’s problems. None, actually deliver. OK, maybe a few impossible to prove theories, may manifest in the future, but for now the many rampant and sideways theories appear to only prove two saddening facts. The first and most obvious fact –  Is the very real lack of understanding in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math within the mainstream. In that, I, nor anyone should expect everyone to be a rocket scientist, yet there are primary influencers which are leading most people away from the potential of becoming a rocket scientist, or even the very basic principles of the scientific method. Leading in the second fact, which is the culpable associate of cultural mainstream STEM failure, and that is the exploitation of the fear factors of the unknown.

Exploitation how

There is first of course, what the public wants, and that is the shortest, easiest to understand, most relatable, and pop culture relevant answer to their questions about what they don’t know, understand, or even begin to forge an interest in. For instance, and if you Google, ‘Google Trends,’ you’ll be able to not only check out a real-time public interest index on varying popular topic, but also the ways that most people select how to receive that information.

The Google Trends factor played into why I have, now, decided to write this article even though the idea to do so has been indexed within my notebook of article ideas for quite some time. I’ve been waiting for this time to publish it as an index to my point. That’s not discounting that I’ve been listening to this ridiculous theory, amongst many other such nonsensical theories, over the past several years. Nevertheless, I remain doubtful that any argument based on reason will change the minds of the hardliners, as well as the others who are more taken by fantasy than fact.

Next within the great commercial field of predatory fear-mongering, is what I like to think of as 21st-century witch hunters and story-tellers, those great hunters of the unknown who just happen to know things, and can’t truly explain their methods, because of ‘them’ and ‘they.’ Regardless, of their manifested belief systems, I won’t discount their ability to make the sale.  The folks behind the conspiracy brand have been making mountains out of molehills and with a matching profit margin.

Be that as it may, some of these conspiracy aficionados have, gotten high off of their own supply, and are as true of a believer in the conspiracies they are pushing as they influence their audience to be. A strange factor, but a relevant one, because they are speaking to their audience in a voice that is evenly transferred. Meaning that neither one knows what they’re discussing and that they’re both seeking out an explanation for something neither fully has the determination to truly understand, or in some cases the capacity.  This works in storytelling and avoiding reality, by driving the conspiracy on the common denominator of what could be for those who do not have the understanding.

Alert the villagers, fetch the torches – the devil, and his witches are on the loose

Think of the olden days or of many places in the third world who rely heavily on magic and mysticism as explanations to disease, emotions, natural occurrences, as well as the psychological, and technology. This is the crossroads of the witch hunters and conspiracy theorists, it is that they don’t know and have already heavily invested their faith and surrendered all reason into the veil they have manifested to frame their ideas. For this fault, I blame not only the conspiracy marketers and salespeople, but those who buy into it. As all parties involved have failed to present real data to support their findings and have discounted any scientific data collected by others who discount or disprove their theory. Yet, the most despicable attributing factor is that many attest themselves to be scientists, and claim to dabble in the pseudo-sciences with zero scientific background or accredited professional education.

Don’t get me wrong, though, as some things must be challenged and sometimes by those who don’t exactly know what the complete picture is. Albeit, it is the responsibility of anyone who is taking any educational journey, or in fact just going forth into the world every day; to ask why, to be prepared to hear and present arguments, and continue to seek answers. There is always something new to learn, a new point of view to be discovered, a new method to improve, a greater understanding, as well as the many great contributing factors as to how and why things are how they are – and may go.

The quest for knowledge is the greatest adventure for any one person and as humanity, for it brings progress. While the most detrimental, are those who stand absolutely firm in the way things that must be. The staunch believers are the bane of the human experience and obstacle to advancement, in such arrogance, we find the hardliners without reason in fundamentalism, terrorism, cult culture, the advent of failed societies and suppressed peoples from well before Rome to today.

I observe the world beyond the way it is and do my best to work through the ever-present, loudest voices in the room who cite, that’s the way it is, has been, and that’s it.  You’re free to do whatever it is you like with how you choose to live and understand.


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