An undefined alliance of corporate and government interests have been charged in the court of public opinion. The list of charges presented by this anonymous grand jury of concerned citizens claim that weaponized chartered and civilian aircraft via clandestine affiliations have targeted the world’s population with  chemical warfare. They accuse a solar geoengineering plan to deploy mirrors or spray aerosols at select locations as means to counteract greenhouse gases and reflect sunlight as a cover for a sinister global campaign of atmospheric chemical indoctrination and/or weather weaponization. Their proof is hinged upon the voice conversation with an alleged NASA official, on the lithium dispersion in the Ionosphere.

The accusing parties state that a cornucopia of varying chemicals has been deployed via these aircraft as a means of population control and a host of unscrupulous and unregulated experimentation with the unwitting public as the lab rats. In addition to these accusations, the charges continue into deliberate and at times targeted weather manipulation. Primarily the U.S. Government has been singled out as the culprit of weather domination, as well as mind-control, satellite disabling, earthquake manifestation, and disease deployment. The 1993 established, Gakona, Alaska-based, High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP has been cited as the alleged weapon used in these crimes.

The claim markers are convinced and are well entrenched for the long-haul, adamant that their beliefs are true. Their arguments rest heavily on the points that if you don’t believe in the conspiracy, you’re part of it, lacking common-sense, or crazy. Despite the very weak and unfounded evidence brought forth as their strongest scientific argument, disguised as proof. The chemtrail and weather dominator club is as zealous and ravenous as a religion; in that you believe as they do, or you’re wrong. A problematic doctrine for any scientific basis, as it is known that as knowledge marches onward, as does our understanding; for instance the world in not flat, the earth in not the center of the solar system or universe, and the atmosphere is not comprised of ethers as just a few examples of how doctrine today can be laughable tomorrow in science. Albeit, these changes required proofs; not followers and internet loudmouths to gloat and boast as hellfire preachers.

Where is this coming from?

That’s not even possible, right? In some respects, it is and may reflect the founding base of the argument, which has manifested these charges. A 1967 unclassified Memorandum, which is publicly available via the U.S. Department of State, Office of the Historian cites an often-forgotten Department of Defense undertaking during the Vietnam War. Operation Popeye, Operation Motorpool, and Operation Intermediary-Compatriot of multiple names, but with the same goal – the names changes were due to security leaks. Nevertheless, from 1967 through 1972  a new tactic was made available to the DoD and deployed strategy to disrupt North Vietnamese lines of communication and logistical routes through cloud seeding.

The research on cloud seeding was based on a National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Hurricane Research Division endeavor, called Project Stormfury. This seemingly science-fiction project was a research methodology based on the hydrology and meteorological principles of that time to disburse hurricanes before they could make landfall and cause damage. NOAA’s hypothesis was that a hurricane could be disbursed if heightened convection was to be achieved via aircraft delivered silver iodine through the eyewall of a hurricane. Although, the project failed to deliver real results and was terminated after 21-years of research in 1983.

NOAA did not simply manifest the hurricane dispersal theory but had based their arguments for testing the possibility. Their work was based on  another unclassified program, which is referenceable via the Defense Technical Information Center. Project Cirrus sought out to change the aspect of talking about the weather, into doing something about the weather. Dr. Irving Langmuir, a Nobel laureate, and Dr. Vincent Schaefer of the General Electric Company led a joint GE -U.S. Army research laboratories project on, and in respect to reality, “the art of profiting from unexpected occurrences.” The brilliantly titled study, was ground-breaking and found its hey-day based upon successful discovers in aircraft de-icing. In their line of testing and discovery, the team extrapolated that any substances deployed at -40 degrees Celsius over the right type of cloud would cause ice crystals to form within that cloud. The seeded cloud would then react, with perception in accordance with the type of seeding.

Project Cirrus is where all the ideas and conspiracies on meteorological modification, weather domination, and contrails are rooted from. A couple guys at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey thought it’d be cool to drop dry ice on stratus clouds. Despite their ideas, and at times, seemingly successful manipulation of the weather, things did not always work in the real world as they did in the lab. The first real-world attempt sought to interdict a 1947 hurricane with 80 lbs of dry ice, failed, as did the latter NOAA attempts with silver iodine against hurricanes. Yet their work led to the development of cloud seeding for firefighting and was successfully deployed in 1947 against a forest fire in Maine. Although weather modification has been widely mandated within the United States, due to legislative and public concerns. In 1971, Congress enacted weather modification restrictions. In accordance with the evolution and regulation of these restrictions, the state of Colorado amongst others publicize weather modifications, and such events are easily trackable via the many open source, and public meteorological radars systems and satellites.

Despite the cultural climate against playing god in the United States, it does not mean that cloud seeding has dried out. In fact, the Chinese government used cloud seeding to force rain outside of Beijing to ensure a rain free 2008 Olympic Games opening day.