Turkish SOF brandishing a Heckler & Koch 416-A5. Via Twitter

Free Syrian Army SOF, ‘Northern Thunder’ lays down suppressing fire as Turkish Special Forces execute a battlefield improvisation in order to recover a disabled medical vehicle, near Northern Aleppo.

Turkish SOF swiftly adapts, and uses an FNSS ACV-15 (modified M113), Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle to recover a damaged Turkish Medical M113, Armored Personnel Ambulance.

Turkish SOF identified by location and known Turkish Special Forces special issue and current use of Ops-Core Advanced Helmet Systems and the Heckler & Koch 416-A5 alongside, Northern Thunder FSA Special Forces –

All while under fire from Daesh, also know as the Islamic State; that is, if your respect terrorist enough to recognize their sovereignty . . . Reference, the argument and history presented in my 2015 works, Know Your Enemy: Daesh, the Islamic State (Pt. 1), and Know Your Enemy: Daesh, the Islamic State (Pt. 2).

Turkish SOF and FSA N. Thunder SOF recovering disabled Turkish M113 Armored Personnel Carrier pic.twitter.com/QoHVgtPlVu

These videos are only a part of the ongoing Turkish operation, Euphrates Shield that is assaulting Daesh, as well as rebel and Kurdish position across Northern Syria.

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