“The final weapon is the brain; all else is supplemental.”

SOF Assessment and Selection (A&S) courses are designed to bring the suck, in a number of different ways, to everyone privileged enough to receive an invitation to be a SOF candidate. Despite the suck, there’s a total beauty to a struggle that methodically breaks down and challenges the strongest, most capable individuals.

However, despite the most adverse of conditions, circumstances, or challenges, an individual absolutely can succeed if he has the right mindset. Sure, it helps to meet any known standards you can (i.e., various ruck march weights and distances, run times, etc.). But with the right mindset and appropriate levels of skill, timing, and a bit of luck, the unconquerable is verily vanquished.

However, this isn’t about the superficial elements of preparing for A&S. We’re taking it from the valley to the peak, past the foundational element of mindset and physical preparation, to an area with a major stigma attached: mental health.


“But 14Charlie, do we really have to talk about mental health? It makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“I’ve got a strong mindset; I’m never going to quit, and I’m going to work insanely hard to prove it!”

“I don’t want to hear about some guy that couldn’t take it anymore.”