Thankfully most people don’t take Facebook comments on politics too seriously, otherwise they would actually start putting their money where their mouths are.  Still, the thirst for blood within our own borders is quite disturbing.  Keyboard warriors that may or may not have once been real warriors are describing their (albeit fantastical) desires for a civil war; what they see as an inevitable conclusion to the widening divide through the heart of America, and they meet it with a “bring it on” attitude.



The fantasy of the violent far right:

You’re an ex-soldier and the violence bubbles up to the point of no return–mass rioting finds its way into the streets of every major city.  You unpack your guns, find your fellow brothers in arms, weld a machine gun to your truck and blast through the streets.  People will die, sure, but you’re more prepared and well armed than these bleeding heart liberals and thugs.  You’ve got active and retired military on your side, they’ve got skinny jeans and gangbangers. Bullets rip through real men, let alone snowflakes.

Your truck takes several rounds to the engine block, so you grab your tricked out M4 and start heading into the belly of the beast.  You need to make it to a rally point with your friends, but leftist militants are perusing the streets.  You drop one with little effort, circle a corner and drop two more.  They struggle with their weapons as you lay into them with relative ease and expertise.  Faceless soldiers in a pathetic army.

Once you meet up with your old Army buddies, you hole up until the war is won and the liberal mindset is brought down a few pegs as many of them are killed or flee with their lives—they never really stood a chance. Not against the might of the patriots.