The Army has been pushing for several new upgrades to the IAV (Interim Armored Vehicle) Stryker, the eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier designed for infantry as well as other various, combat-essential personnel. The vehicle is named after two medal of honor recipients, whose last names were both Stryker. Check out the Army Times‘ video here:

While the “remotely-operated turret” certainly isn’t anything new, the rest are interesting upgrades to say the least. Since they first rolled off the manufacturing line, Strykers have been recalled and refitted multiple times. Over 1,000 Strykers have been taken off the line to be rebuilt and sent back out. Many of the historical upgrades in the early 2000s were centered around the hull, along with other structural issues that needed to be properly addressed.

However, as this video shows, external upgrades and attachments have continuously been added to the mix. Slat armor was added to help deflect RPGs, and other attachments protected against IEDs. Going on the offense, the primary weapon has been the PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station, or the RWS. This is a mounted, internally remote-controlled weapon system that is compatible with a number of weapons, including the M2 Browning .50 cal machine gun, M240s, MK19s or even Javelin anti-tank guided missiles.