There is perhaps nothing as elemental in life as teaching your child to hunt.  It is a sacred ritual that connects your offspring to the fundamental nature of life and death, and when done properly, instills in the young a respect for nature and for humanity’s role as a steward of the earth’s resources.

Let it be stated at the outset that your author is in no way an expert hunter, having only come to it as an adult.  I am, however, as comfortable with firearms as it is possible to be, and in the last few years have become a more knowledgeable hunter than I was when I started.  Most importantly, I respect the power of a firearm, and place the utmost importance on the safe handling of one when in the woods stalking game.

This is the first lesson one must impart to a young boy or girl who takes up hunting.  They must learn to respect the weapon in their hands, and how to safely use it while carrying it, loading it and firing it.

You must next instill in your offspring a respect for the animals he will hunt.  You must teach him proper shot placement to drop an animal humanely.  You must teach them to approach a hunt as a conservationist doing his or her part to maintain the healthy population of whatever species you are hunting.  Human hunters play an important role in the conservation of nature, and they must understand this role and embrace it.