Two Navy Careers Almost Ended in San Diego This Week

In San Diego Bay on Tuesday, the Guided Missile Destroyer(DDG-92) Momsen and Land Dock Ship(LSD-49) Harpers Ferry nearly collided while maneuvering in the harbor. One coming in and the other going out. The Navy is investigating the incident which will have repercussions for one and possibly both skippers of the ships.   The incident occurred sometime in the morning Pacific Standard Time.

The people at San Diego Webcam posted a long video of the incident that shows the narrow channel as large warships transit in and out of the harbor.  Both ships have “Side Boys” on the railings.  This is a common practice and form of salute as ships enter and leave port.

The Momsen is entering the channel as the Harper’s Ferry is departing.  Both ships are carrying Navy harbor pilots by the presence of tugs near both ships.  Both ships appear to have been a bit to close to the center of the channel when they realized that they were on a collision course.