Data tracking. The threat is real. In an age where nearly everything we do is recorded, it’s almost impossible to be truly “off the grid.”

Back in 2016, a company called PlanetRisk Inc was working on some new software to track refugees. The company was trying to use location tools in a variety of apps, such as games, weather apps, dating sites, and many others. By gathering this information from refugees they could track their movements throughout Europe and towards the U.S.

The Company Wanted to Sell the Data Tracking Software to the U.S.

Yet, what it found was that within this software was something much scarier. It realized that through the data, it could also see where U.S. troops were in the Middle East and what they were doing.

During its work, it discovered that it could follow U.S. troops through the data on their phones because of the multiple apps installed on them. This constituted a major breach in operational and personal security for these soldiers.