Editor’s Note: This is part 2 of 5 of a memorial that first appeared in SOFREP in late May 2016. When I first read it, I found myself so moved by Geo’s words that I wanted to make sure all of you get a chance to read it as well. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Sam Foster, but I’ve known men like him, and they make the world a better place…a safer place. Take a few minutes to get to know Sam like Geo did, and I guarantee you he’ll be a part of your life forever. –GDM


Unleashing the Unfiltered: Sam’s Candid Nature

Sam spoke his mind whether you liked it or not. You know how most of us go all day long and typically say about 25% of what we are thinking out loud and keep the other 75% quiet? Well, Sam said all that other 75% of shit out loud. Folks just weren’t down with that; I applauded it. Don’t ever ask Sam what he thinks if you have any spiritual vulnerability.

At the funeral of a fallen comrade at the Fort Bragg JFK Chapel, the eulogist went on: “Gregory was such a great guy. His outstanding work is a testament to his drive, dedication, and motivation.” Sam leaned over to me and (at least) whispered: “Is this some bullshit or what? Greg fucked up everything he laid his hands on.” I responded with: “Yes, he did, but for Christ’s sake… this is the man’s funeral, after all; can you cut him a little slack?”