Some of my experience in this field includes live nerve agent decontamination training with the Delta Force and years of platform instruction and field training for First Responders in Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Crisis Response.

It is strongly suggested that if the below procedures are followed when entering and exiting your private residence you will significantly reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 through the Novel Coronavirus-19. Learn it, live it — make it habitual!

For the sake of this protocol, I happily resort to using the following terms:


  • The Hot Zone is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE outside of your private dwelling.
  • The Warm Zone is the area that is under your control just outside your house, such as your driveway, front yard/fenced-in area, front porch, or even your garage.
  • The Cold Zone is inside the environmentally controlled area of your private dwelling; we can also term this the Safe Zone.

Donn/Doff Station: This is a space right at the line that separates the Warm from the Cold Zone where all PPE can be removed allowing you to finally step out of the Warm and into the Cold Zone. In my house, that line of separation between the two zones is the threshold of the access door to my garage.

Clean and Dirty Environments: Typically the clean areas are those which are cleared of all known potential contaminated materials. Your house is hoped to be your clean area. The Warm Zone is a potentially dirty area and must be respected as such. The world beyond your Warm Zone is a dirty environment and must be respected as such!

PPE: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is all that can be worn on one’s person to protect against the targeted threat. These can be:

  • Gloves — Any type is fine. I personally use the gloves below because I already had them since I use them in my woodshop. They are Nitrile, fit well, and protect completely against tactile threats. There are 100 to a box — 50 pairs — and not expensive! They are not bulky and permit most operations that require medium to fine manual dexterity.