Dedication for this work goes to SOFREP brother Mike, who claims the Creator told him to check on me recently because I was in trouble. He was spot-on

I’m a sleepy man, that I do fancy myself. I should have been a Ranger because Rangers can fall asleep immediately and under any and all circumstance. I want to be a Ranger and reacquaint myself with slumber. I just want to fall asleep and dream again, because to sleep without dreams is a lie, it’s lying in bed nothing more.

A nightmare is not a dream. A nightmare creeps to you unawares and dislodges an otherwise serendipitous dream, one that you can never recover. A nightmare is a bully and a cheat. To sleep with a nightmare is sleepless, just as a breath of wine is breathless; it’s purely a most taxing form of drudgery.

Why say that you ask?