Today we have another guest article from SOFREP friend Yankee Papa who served in the Marine Infantry in Vietnam before going on to other adventures in Rhodesia.  Today, he has a special story to share with us. -Jack

In the Fall of 1951, Captain (later Lt. Colonel) Harold Myers, U.S. Army…was attending his farewell party at the headquarters of the Kagnew (“Conqueror”) battalion along the front facing the Communist Chinese in Korea.

The commanding officer Colonel (later Lt. General) Teshome Irgetu presented him the Star of Ethiopia… the highest Ethiopian decoration awarded at that point in the Korean War.

As I type this, it is 60 years to the day since the Armistice in Korea. Many Americans under 40 know little or nothing about it. Far fewer know about the three battalions of the Ethiopian Imperial Guard who fought in Korea. I was only two years old in 1951…but I know… not just because I started studying military history at the age of nine… but because Captain Myers was my father.