A recent reader submission by former USMC Julian McBride correctly highlighted an important flaw in Putin’s military that is worth digging into more to help you understand why western military leadership structure has an advantage over Russia’s warfighters.

Imagine a McDonald’s restaurant where there is one big boss in charge (the manager), and everyone else underneath has to wait for permission or direction to do anything.

The employees are trained to do their basic jobs, but if something comes up out of the ordinary, they have to ask the manager for instructions and permission.

If one of the grills goes down, check with the manager for what to do. If there is an irate customer, get the manager. If the bathroom gets busted, ask the manager what to do.

This is the Russian style of military command structure, put simply.

They are masters of micro management on the battlefield. Similar to this scene from the hit show, The Office.

Note: In war, things never go as planned.

The same McDonald’s run according to western military command structure would have sub-managers under the manager to handle their areas of expertise, and they have the autonomy to make decisions without having to consult the manager every time.